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Selfie is a trend now. If you are on instagram, facebook and whatsapp and you don’t upload selfies then I am sorry but you are so boring and out of trend. Selfies started gaining huge popularity among teenagers and youngsters since a couple of years. Take selfie is fun as you do not require any other camera holding person to click your picture. There are also cheap selfie sticks available in the market, you can simply buy them start giving facial exression for selfies. There is always a default camera app which might help you to take selfies but the default one is very boring and has less or no filters, so in this post I am listing best selfie camera apps for your android or iPhone .There are hundreds of selfie camera apps already available in the market but there are very few which are really good and are worth to take selfies and apply filters.

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Whether you are an instagram or facebook addict, I bet whenever you will open your wall, you will see a loads of filtered selfies of your friends and family. There are many selfie apps out there but I have tried to handpick the best selfie apps and list down here in this post. The only feature which can help a selfie app to be good is if it saves your time after clicking snaps and applying filters. With a good app for selfie you should be able to click pics and edit them on the go. Below are the top 1o selfie apps for your android, iphone, iOS and windows mobile phone.

Top Selfie Camera Apps For Android iPhone

Selfie Camera App

Best 10 Selfie Camera Apps 2016 : Free Selfie Apps 2016

  1. Prisma

    Prisma is a recently launched app and has gone viral since it is released. Almost everyone is willing to post their prisma filtered selfies on instagram and facebook. Prisma has really amazing art style filters powered with artificial intelligence  which makes your art style pictures look really good. Prisma is not specifically for selfies, you can apply filters on any kind of gallery or camera picture but it has become trend on social media to upload selfie with Prisma filters and therefore I am keeping Prisma on the top of the list and you can call it a best free selfie app. The user interface of the app is so easy to use that you just have to choose a selfie/photo and any filter, the app will take few seconds and will apply artistic filters on the go, then you can upload your crazy selfie on instagram and facebook. Prisma is available for free on iPhone and android but the iPad version costs just $2.99.
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    Prisma Selfie

  2. Microsoft Pix App

    Microsoft Pix  is the most intelligent camera selfie app which can save your lot of time in taking the best selfie or snap. Gone are the days when we used to tweak best settings and camera modes according to the surroundings but this app will remove all hassle and will take care of everything with its artificial intelligence. It also detects faces automatically and adjusts exposure to look them better. The app is currently available for iOS only.
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    Microsoft pix

  3. Retrica

    Retrica is complete app for you if you are crazy for taking  selfies. This app will save your lot of time in editing your selfies and applying filters to look them beautiful. Just after its release the app went viral on social media due to its awesome user interface and features. It offers 100+ filters . I would suggest you to check this free selfie app once and see by your self what it can do.
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    Retrica Selfie

  4. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

    This app is developed by Cyberlink after keeping selfie lovers in focus as it offers amazing features and filters to bring best out of your selfie which your default mobile camera cannot. It is one of the best free selfie apps available as it also has awesome editing tools to make your selfie look nice in a couple of taps. One of the best features of this app is its beautifying effects. You can try this app for selfies on iphone and android.
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    Youcam perfect selfie

  5. Candy Camera

    Candy camera is one of the top rated selfie camera apps available on play store and app store. It has several real time effects which saves your time to apply filters after clicking selfies. It has over 100 filters which makes it one of the high rated selfie apps. Real time effects include makeup features, beautification, blemish removal etc. You can download this selfie app for free with few in app purchases which are not mandatory.
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    Candy Camera

  6. Camera For Facebook

    Camera for Facebook app is developed by Amazing Studio and this app can be very useful for you if you are a selfie lover. It lets you take awesome selfies . It has several filters and frames as well. It also allows you to share your snaps on social media instantly.
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  7. Selfie Studio

    Selfie studio is one of the trending apps for selfies for android, the app is designed specifically for selfies and therefore it uses only your device’s front camera. The app can brighten up your face with better complexion which will make you look good. Features include auto reverse, silent shoot, volume key shutter, etc.
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    Selfie Studio app

  8. Line Camera-Selfie & Collage

    Line Camera is developed by Line  Corporation and it has over 100 million users around the world. The app has several free features including 1000 stamps and also has a good collection of frames and fonts. It already has awesome filters available which you can use to make your selfies look awesome.
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    Line camera app

  9. Insta Selfie Cam Pic Collage

    Insta Selfie Cam Collage is a selfie editing app for android phones which lets you to make amazing collages and also edit your photos and adding different effects including photo frames. The app has various templates for collage which will save your time and it also has feature which allows you to instantly share selfies on social networks like facebook,instagram etc.
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    Insta Selfie Cam pic

  10. BestMe Selfie Camera

    BestMe Selfie is one of the popular selfie camera and editor app which has currently 118 real time filters which lets you to save a lot of time in apply filters after clicking your selfie. It also has mirror real time filter which is fantastic. The app also has emoji grid photo which is also in trend on facebook these days. Other features include No Crop for Instagram, filtergrid real time filter, halo realtime filter etc. The best for apple lovers is that the app also supports Apple watch.
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    BestMe Selfie


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