How To Fix SSL Connection Error In Chrome, Firefox and Opera ?

If you’re a frequent web surfer then you might have faced with SSL Connection Error! If you got messed up with this error then you can’t open Gmail, Facebook accounts. So this is really intolerable! Everyone wants to get rid of SSL Connection Error in Chrome and on other browsers. By the way, most of us don’t know what exactly is SSL Connection error and how to fix SSL Error in Chrome browser. If you’re looking for such tutorials then you have landed in right place to get solved your problem in no time! Before sharing this tip, I’ve Googled about what is SSL Connection Error? And made some research on it which will make you understand easy to fix. This tutorial is all about What is SSL Connection Error how to fix SSL Connection Error, How to Fix SSL connection error in Google Chrome in Firefox, on Mac, windows 7, for Facebook, on iPad,on Android, on internet explorer and in windows 7 or windows 8.

What is SSL Connection Error?

SSL is just an internet protocol for privacy protection for websites. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers where you won’t find this protection on all website you surf! While buying the domain the admin should add SSL Protection in his cart before he checkout! They are used for safe sharing of data such as passwords or confidential information’s. And some browsers got this feature as inbuilt ones which includes Google Chrome! The default settings will be Medium and if its mismatch with SSL Certificates then it results in SSL Connection Errors.

Your browser will try to connect with SSL certificates to secure site when the ssl certificates has not expired, with the certification authority trust and for all big websites including eCommerce websites.

Reasons for SSL Connection error:

  • SSL Certification is not updated
  • Webpage contains some secure and insecure data!
  • Mismatch in Date and Time of your PC
  • SSL Certificate is untrusted.
  • Due to Anti-virus protection.

After having a deep look on this topic, I understood the simple reason behind this error and though to share with you guys too! So as I thought, now I’m sharing so do learn the best way to fix/solve/get rid of SSL Connection errors! Hope everyone got to know what is SSL and the reason for occurrence for this error on your browser.

So here in this post, I’m going to share How to Fix ssl connection error in Chrome, Firefox, Opera? Fixing Secure Socket Layer Connection Error in Google Chrome is very simple and its same for other browsers too! You can fix them by changing the time, stopping the protection of your anti-virus or by going to the settings panel of Chrome browser! So all these easy tweak was mentioned below with step-by-step procedures.

There are many tweaks to fix SSL Errors in your browser which totally depends of your browser. Just give a try on all solutions and share its works for you or not!

Let’s get started….

Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome

Using Default Chrome Browser Options [Tweak #1]

  1. Right click on the shortcut file of Chrome icon and choose Properties.
  2. There you will find slot named as “Target”. Just replace he target field with “Application /chrome.exe-ignore-certificate-errors-“
  3. Click on the Apply and save it!

By Changing Date and Time [Tweak #2]

If you system times mismatches with your browser SSL certificates then the only way will be changing the time. Just change the time and relaunch your chrome! That’s it!

By Changing the settings of Antivirus [Tweak#3]

  1. Just open your Anti-virus settings and go to Networks section.
  2. Now just uncheck the Scan Encrypted settings.
  3. Then click the Apply and follows by OK.
  4. Relaunch your Chrome, that’s it!

By Changing the settings of Chrome [Tweak #4]

  1. Make sure you enter “https” instead for “https”. (It looks like this
  2. Change the SSL settings by navigating to

    Customize and Control >> Settings >> Advanced Settings.

  3.  Then look for Network and choose “Change Proxy Settings”.
  4. Under Security tab settings, tweak “Security Level Zone” and “Internet Zone” to medium. Follow the same thing for Privacy settings too.
  5. Again jump to Content >> Clear SSL State and restart your browser.

Hope you fixed it without having any issues!

How to Overcome SSL Connection Error in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Run your Firefox and type “about:config” in the URL box and press Enter.
  2. Now you will be shown with a message “This might void your warranty!”. Then choose ” I’ll be careful, I promise! “
  3. Then enter “browser.ssl_override_behavior” in filter bar. Just double click the value in a “Preference Name” and type the value within 2 to 1.
  4. Then click the Ok and relaunch your firefox browser! Hope you fixed it 😀

How to Get Rid of the SSL Connection Error in Opera?

If you are using Opera browser and want to fix SSL connection issue then you can follow the below step to fix the issue permanently.
Jump to Preference >> Advance >> Security >> Security Protocol and just un-check the box after the TLS 1.1. That’s it!

Wrapping up!

Sharing makes me feel happy! In this article I’ve shown the best method to fix SSL Connection Error in Chrome, Firefox, Opera browsers. This complete guide of fixing SSL error must helped you a lot! If you feel so, kindly share this guide post with your friends on social websites. And your feedback are always welcomed! What do you feel about this post “How to Fix SSL Connection Errors?” in comments below! Catch you soon buddies 😀 Cheers 😛


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