How To Lock Apps on iPhone: Best Lock Apps On iPhone

Always we do maintain privacies on all things, especially on Smartphone! We do hide or protect some photos, files or even applications on iPhones. When iOS devices come, it gives maximum protection by offering a pass code lock with a tweak to delete all private data upon 10 incorrect pass code attempts. So that makes it protective! Anyhow, it doesn’t give enough protecting for iPhone Application. So in order to Lock Apps on iPhone what to do?

If you are seeking for guide post, then you can make use of this post! Yeah, this post is totally about How to Lock Apps on iPhones easily with default settings and by using a 3rd party iOS application. And for alternative apps you need to jailbreak your device. However with the help of Cydia, it offers the affordable solution on this case.

lock apps on iphone

Today, in this post I’m going to share two things! All are about protecting your apps on iPhone using Default settings and Alternative Apps. So without wasting the time, let’s get started with the tutorial section!

Best Method to Lock Apps on iPhone

1) For Jailbroken iPhone

As the short title resembles, it’s only for Jailbroken! It is a process just like rooting on Android. The same done here by changing the operating system to our own desired along with some customizations. So for this method, we are going to use an alternative application to lock iPhone app.

As everyone knows, most of the iOS applications are paid ones and here too we are going to use the premium version apps. They are best on this case with great advantages and unique features. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you more! Just $3 or less than it! If you can afford it, then go with the second method. But that method can be executed only on Non-Jailbroken iPhone devices. So better check out the fist method added below and followed by second one: D

Let’s do it guys,

  1. At first you need launch Cydia on you iPhone device.
  2. Then Select the ‘System’ by tapping the sections. Now just tap the ‘Lockdown’ option and confirm it to get installed on your iPhone.
  3. Now tap ‘Restart SpringBoard’ and wait for few seconds until the installation completes. Once done, Launch theย  Lockdown application. Once you opened it, just choose a Password and safety Word, and then confirm it.
  4. After then, choose the iPhone Application to protect and tap ‘Lock’. That’s it! Just repeat the same procedure for locking any applications on your iOS devices. By this manner, you can Lock Apps on iPhone!

As I promised above, I will be sharing two methods! One is for Jailbroken iPhones, by using LockDown App which is available for download and if you want the premium version you can go with Lockdown PRO which cost you less than $3 only! If you want any other alternatives to Lock Apps in iPhones then I will suggest you try FolderLock and Locktopus. Just Google it for knowing more about that app locking applications for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).

Coming back to a point, here in the below guide section I’ve shared How to Lock Apps on iOS devices by using default settings. And note that, if your iPhone is not Jailbroken then follow the instructions given below. If not, go with the above Jailbroken tutorial! Hope you got my point ๐Ÿ˜‰

2) For Non-Jailbroken iPhone

For non-jailbroken iPhone users in order to protect your apps on your apple device then just follow my step-by-step instruction added below. For this method, you don’t need to download any apps from Apple store as we are going to use the inbuilt feature of iPhone to protect our Applications. Let’s get started,

  1. In your iPhone, navigate to the Setting section and tap ‘General’ and followed by ‘Restrictions’.
  2. Then to protect your app you need to enable the settings. For that, just tap ‘Enable Restrictions’ and enter your desired 4-digit numerical (PIN). Again re-enter it for confirmation purpose! That’s it! BY following the same method, you can protect any type of iPhone apps or lock Apps on iPhones on your own without seeking for any third party applications.

Hope this post ended up with an informative guide for iPhone users! yeah, it’s only about How to Lock Apps on iPhones? with two best methods! And the programs used for protecting apps are great and each app has their own features. So try all three and choose the best right choice for your comfortability. If you don’t like, then go with simple protective options already enabled for iPhone users as default! It’s the end! If you know any other best method or other applications to lock apps on iPhone devices then let us know down below!

What’s your view about these protective apps? Share it in comments below! Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

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