Best 5 Laptops under $300 : Top Laptops Under 300 Dollars

Are you looking for a list of best laptops under $300 with higher configurations? Then you are a right place for right guide post! Yeah, here in this post I’m gonna to share best laptops under $300 by comparing it with many laptops and handpicked some for you!

So before buying the laptop you need to focus on many things. At first you need to decide for what purpose you are going to buy? And then your laptop should come under your budget! Afterwards, the Operating System, HDD or SDD, RAM Memory, Portability and lot many to be seen! To make your work simple, here I have brought you some handpicked best laptops under $300 Dollars with the best configuration for best price tag too!

And before stepping into this guide post, I would recommend for Internet users you don’t need to have a laptop instead you can go with best Chromebooks! It will suit for 300 dollars budget and with good specs. Ok, without wasting the time let’s jump into the post,

Best Laptops Under 300 Dollars in 2016

#1 Lenovo G585

Lenovo G585

Always the Lenovo performs well on durability and portability. The G585 is the great choice under $300 dollar laptops.  G585 is powered with AMD 1.3 Ghz dual core processor and to withstand its multi-tasking purpose 4 GB of RAM helps for the smooth process. And it is packed with 320 GB Hard Disk Drive! It is quite low; anyhow you can go with the portable hard disk if you want to store more data.

And for GPU it is equipped with AMD Radeon HD 7310 Graphics Card which gives you good gaming experience too! And it comes with cool looking 15 inch HD LED Display and the Lenovo L585 runs on Windows 8 Operating System which is waiting for latest updates. And at last this machine is backed up with better battery backup up to 5 hours. The whole things just cost you around $265 only!

#2 Asus  X551MA


You might heard about the ASUS as the mobile manufacturer and for other electronic stuff. But they too launch cool laptops with great configurations. So here the Asus X551MA picks the 2nd position in our list of best laptops under 300 dollars. Asus X551MA comes with a 15 inch HD display and the machine runs on Windows 8.1 which is upgradable to Windows 10 for free! This notebook is powered with an Intel Celeron N2840 Dual Core 2.16 GHz Processor along with 4GB DDR3 for good performing experience. And it also got Intel HD Graphics which give you moderate gaming experiences.

For storage purpose, it comes with 500 GB HDD and backed with 6 hours battery backup. The best thing, this powerful machine weight just 4.7 pounds so it is better for portability. Mostly for students and for office it will be a good choice. The Asus X551MA cost you only $255 only!

#3 Toshiba Satellite 2015 Model

Toshiba Satellite 2015

So the inventor of Laptop comes third in our list! Yeah, I am talking about the great Toshiba! They are the one who manufactured the first laptop and still it’s a history on laptop markets. Here we got Toshiba Satellite Newest Model 2015 under best laptop 2016 for cheap! Toshiba Satellite comes with the great sleek design with good specifications too! It features an 11.6 inch TFT HD display which runs on Win 8.1 which also can be upgradable to Windows 10 for free! It is also equipped with 2GB of RAM and they are expandable for better performance. And the best thing, this machine features a 128GB SSD which is much more different from HDD. But SSD’s are better than HDD’s and the SSD speed is awesome! Just Google it for more 🙂

It is equipped with an Intel HD Graphics with Intel® Celeron N2840 2.16 GHz Processor. And it gives you 7 hours battery backup. And it is a light weighted notebook, it weight is just 2.9 pounds. The Toshiba Satellite cost you around $269 only!

#4  Dell Inspiration 13531

Dell Inspiron 13531

Dell Inspiration 13531 is another best laptop under $300 and this is an excellent portable device for the affordable price. Always Dell products stand for its design and better customer services. So here in Dell Inspiration 13531 it features a 15 inch HD LED display with great resolutions. It is powered by Intel Celeron Processor with 2.16 GHz clock speed rate and it supports a 4 GB of RAM. And for storage purpose, you will get 500 GB of Hard Disk drive and it is backed up with 6.5 Hours Battery Backup. It also runs on Windows 8.1 OS and it looks stunning! The Dell Inspiration 13531 cost you less than $270 only!

#5 HP Pavilion X2 Touchscreen

HP Pavillion X2 Touchscreen

If you are looking for a ultra-portable laptop then HP Pavilion X2 will be a great choice. And the best part, you can use this X2 laptop as both notebooks as well as the tablet. Yeah, it also features a touchscreen. The machines design looks so pretty and it comes in 2 different version 32GB and 64GB. For laptop under 300 dollars you can go with 32GB SSD model which features a 2 GB of RAM and powered with Intel Atom Processor which gives you the smooth performance. It gives you excellent battery backup up to 11 hours and it weighs just 2.47 pounds. And the HP Pavilion X2 will cost you only $288 only!

As the bonus, you can go with HP Stream 13 inch laptop! As everyone knows, HP is great laptop manufacturer and give you great customer support! This laptop is equipped with 32GB SSD and 1TB of Cloud Storage options. It also supports 4G connectivity by inserting any SIM with any operator. It is powered with Intel Celeron N2840 processor with 2GB of RAM. It weighs just 3.5 pounds and it’s so cheaper with the price of $230 only!

What’s your view about these best laptops under $300? Share your thoughts in comments below!

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