Best Anime Websites 2016 : Free Sites To Find Anime Videos

Anime Websites : Looking for some best sites to watch your favorite anime shows, but not sure where? Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you! Japanese Animated Shows and Movies are popularly known as Anime. And recently it exploded in popularity all over the world. Mostly kids love these anime shows and they start discovering fusion of animation. Not only kids, many teens are still addicted to these shows. You can add me up on this list! Still I do watch my favourite anime show on websites. We also have published a list of movie websites here.

Well coming back to point, in this post I’m going to share a list of Best sites to watch anime for free! I know many people are still looking for the top site to watch anime shows that too some people are only seeking for English dubbed anime shows. Even before writing this post, I do search for many stuff related to anime shows. Now I made a list help you with this simple guide post! Hope you guys will love this article on Best sites to watch anime 2016 for free and paid!

Anime websites

So before getting started, I would like to ask one thing! Which Anime Show is your favourite one? And before going through this guide post, where you will watch the best anime shows? Do share it in comments below!

Let’s jump into the list of best website to watch anime 2016 for free and paid.

Best Anime Websites To Watch Anime 2016

1) Crunchy Roll

If you are looking for the best website to watch anime then here is your right choice. Yeah, I am telling about CrunchyRoll. It is a popular anime streaming website that too for free of cost. All you need is just to create a free account here and then you can add your favourite anime shows to your playlist. The only purpose for registering here is just kept you tracked what you are watching, that’s it!

If you are ready to spend some bucks, then go with the premium membership. CrunchyRoll is also offering this scheme for the users to give better experiences. The best thing here is about the sections added here! In CrunchyRoll, you can also read or watch comics based anime a little number of Asian dramas. BTW you can watch Asian pop music videos too! As the bonus, you will be treated as VIP in forums and you will find news sections, store and much stuff which are easy to get communicated with your friends online. If you visit this best site to watch anime then surely you will like it!

You can even watch animes on your mobile by downloading CrunchyRoll Applications for free. And all animes shows shared here are HD quality with an English subtitle. Just give a try and share your experience with us in comments below!

2) Hulu

As I promised before, I will share both free and paid websites to watch anime shows in English dubbed 2016. Meet the Hulu, which share anime series online for free. It works similar to CrunchyRoll. Here in Hulu you need to create an account which is free then you can go with the same procedure which you did for the above one. You can find many anime series by navigating to More sections. And as I don’t Japanese language, I prefer watching English dubbed series. Even you can find English dubbed which gives you real effect. And to describe Hulu in short, it got the great collection of anime series in various genres. Surely you will love them all!

It works similarly as CrunchyRoll site where here too you can buy premium membership access. It will cost you less than $8, but it got you one best thing! Premium Accounts are ad-free ones so that you can watch anime shows without any annoying. And you can find anime series in HD quality which allows you to stream on your mobile and on your smart TV too!

Note that, Hulu can be accessed only from US region! Don’t worry, you can go with VPN stuff to access region-blocked media. If you need any sort of guide, then drop them below 🙂

3) Netflix

You guys might have heard about Netflix! It is a paid one but worth for watch movies and anime shows in English. It is one of the best websites to watch anime 2016! Here users are allowed to switch from Japanese audio to English audio along with an English subtitle. That’s the best part I see with this tool! And here it is very simple to find and watch anime series from plenty of Anime Collection. In short, it is a great website for watching anime series in this year.

These above-mentioned sites are best to watch anime series 2016! I have tried all those three so I recommend you to try the same. If doesn’t want to try those ones, then try the best websites to watch anime added in the below section,

  1. DubbedEpisodes
  2. AnimeTycoon
  3. AnimeFreak
  4. WatchDub
  5. WatchEpicDubbed
  6. DubbedAnime
  7. AnimeWaffles
  8. AnimeGet
  9. Dubbed-Scene
  10. AnimeUltima


Hope you like this post on Best Site to Watch Anime Shows for free 2016! If you feel, that I have missed any best website in this list, then let us know in comments below. Never forget to share this post with your friends:)

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